About _____on Sound

_____on Sound (né Dalston Sound) is a music blog by Tim Owen. That’s me. It’s all me. I was a contributor to Resonance magazine in the mid 90s, The Wire from April 1997 until April 2000, and to cousin Ian’s The Jazz Mann blog from 2008 until early 2012, when I started Dalston Sound.

Dalston Sound began as a document of my concert-going in north east London (see Concert Diary 2012-2013), but that soon began to feel like an obligation, so now I just review albums (and the occasional EP or DVD).

I mostly review jazz and improvised music, but also contemporary composition, electronica, noise, nu prog, alt. metal and some left-field pop/rock.

Where there is a physical edition I always review from CD and won’t accept digital promos, but I will occasionally audition FLAC files for digital-only releases. I don’t listen to MP3s and I really can’t be arsed with converting and tagging WAVs. Don’t send vinyl promos; that’s very generous, but I don’t have a deck.

And don’t add me to any mailing lists, unless agreed in advance/on my request. Mail from any unsolicited mailing list is routinely deleted unread and flagged as spam.

I tweet as @dalstonsound.

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