About Dalston Sound

Dalston Sound is a music blog by Tim Owen, a freelance writer, journalist and music nut.

I have written music criticism before. I started by contributing to Resonance magazine in the mid 90s, and was published monthly in The Wire from April 1997 thru April 2000. After that I was too busy holding down a day job and going to gigs to write much, but I contributed regular reviews to the Jazz Mann from 2008 until early 2012, when I started Dalston Sound.

This blog is all about my personal take on the music I engage with as a listener and concert-goer based in north east London. I have very broad tastes, including jazz and improvised music; electronica; creative pop music; heavy, psych, prog and leftfield indie rock; dub and reggae; soul and funk; singer/songwriters such as Scott Walker, Leonard Cohen and Robert Wyatt; folk, blues and Americana; contemporary composition; chamber music; doom, drone, noise… That type of thing. I don’t like opera much.

I review almost exclusively from CD. Please do not send vinyl promos as, much as I appreciate them, I don’t currently have a deck.

I tweet as @dalstonsound.

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